Yeast Protein Expression System

Yeast is a highly cost-effective eukaryotic system for both secreted and intracellular protein expression, which combines the advantages of both E.coli, and mammalian cell. With a group of industry-leading scientists in yeast protein expression, Echo BioSolution is capable of providing you customized yeast protein expression solutions, from vector design including choosing the right promoter, signal peptide and tag, to high copy number strain screening, expression condition and purification optimization.

For certain protein, we also offer the Echo® Yeast Guaranteed package, starting with our proprietary codon optimization service, followed by gene synthesis and sub cloning, all the way through protein expression and purification using our yeast protein expression system. In case we fail on either the purity or amount as specified, there is no charge to you.

Advantages of Our Yeast Protein Service:

  • Proprietary high copy screening technology
  • Experienced team with 24/7 support
  • Highly customizable process
  • Multiple approaches available including multiple vectors design, and expression condition optimization
  • Flexible add-on services: including endotoxin removal, tag removal, multiple steps of purification, lyophilization and filter sterilization

Yeast Protein Expression Process

Yeast Protein Expression Process

Service Specifications