High Throughput Antibody Production

In order to meet the increasing demand for rapid antibody screening, Echo Biosolution offers high-throughput recombinant antibody production services that has combined high-throughput gene to antibody production, which provides the most cost effective option for small scale recombinant antibody.

With the capability of manufacturing hundreds of different antibodies per week at a flexible scale, we provide customers a quick and cost-effective way to rapidly screen a large number of antibody. This service is particularly useful for early-stage antibody screening and multi-hybridoma conversion.

Examples of antibody sequences accepted: hits (Fab or scFv) selected from display library, sequences from single B cell and/or repertoire analysis via next generation sequencing (NGS), variable region sequenced from hybridoma, and many more. Deliverables can be supernatant or purified antibodies.

  • Pricing applicable to human IgG1, human IgG4, mouse IgG2a.
  • Project can start from HTP gene synthesis or customer-supplied DNA but Antibody sequences are required for project evaluation in both cases.
  • Turnaround time does NOT include shipping details.
  • Additional QC such as SEC-HPLC, HTP ELISA, Endotoxin Testing, LC-MS, and peptide mapping available upon request (pricing may vary).