Peptide Synthesis

Peptides are a group of biologically active substances that are involved in various cellular functions of organisms. They are often used in functional analysis, antibody research, and especially in the field of drug research and development.

Echo Biosolution provides a full spectrum of high-quality custom peptide services ranging from standard peptide synthesis to high-throughput peptide library and peptide array synthesis. With our excellent equipment and experienced chemists using latest technologies, we are fully capable of meeting the ever-increasing peptide needs in biological and drug discovery research. Our custom peptides and peptide libraries are available with flexible modification, conjugation, and isotopic labeling options. Up to date, the success rate of peptide synthesis has achieved more than 98%.

Competitive Advantages

  • Different purity level: Crude, Desalted, 70% to >99%
  • High success rate: >98%
  • Custom quantity: from mg to kg
  • High quality products: Complete MS, HPLC reports and certificate of Analysis