Peptide Modification

Echo Biosolution can provides peptides with various modifications according to customers’ requires!

  • Phosphorylation of Ser, Tyr and Thr modified peptides: we provide a single phosphorylation and multi phosphorylated peptide services. Now we have been able to provide four phosphorylated sites modified peptides.
  • Fluorescent labeling, such as 5 (6) -FAM, FITC, Cy5, Rhodamine B, PNA, EDNAS/dabcyl etc.
  • Biotin, Lys (biotin): Biotin is one part of the vitamin B2, and biotin, Lys (biotin) modified peptides are also often purchased by customers. We offer a biotin modified peptide that already has a success rate of nearly 100%.
  • Disulfide Bridge: disulfide bridge bond plays an important role in the stability of protein structure. we have been able to provide customers up to four disulfide bridges in one peptide.
  • Isotope labeling (C13, N15 labeling): isotope labeled peptides are mainly used in medical and biological fields at higher prices. In order to meet the needs of customers, we accept micrograms isotope labeling peptide customization.
  • Other special amino acid modification: for example, D-amino acids, amino acid derivatives, aliphatic carboxylic acids and so on, which all in our acceptable customization.