Customized Antibody Production

Echo Biosolution has built industry leading antibody production platform, which provides you from one-stop services from antibody design to high-quality antibody production. We can accept a variety of antibody fragment: variable region sequenced from hybridoma, Fab or scFv, and bispecific, selected from single B cell and/or repertoire analysis via next generation sequencing (NGS), and many more. You provide us the sequences of the fragments and we take care of the rest. Deliverables can be supernatant or purified antibodies.

High-throughput Antibody Production Service

With the increasingly demand of high-throughput antibody screening to facilitate drug discovery,

Echo Biosolution has built high-throughput recombinant antibody expression and purification platform in HEK293/CHO cells that has combined professional high-throughput gene synthesis, vector construction, and optimized technology of transient antibody expression.