What is a Single-Domain Antibody?

Single-Domain antibodies (sdAbs), also known as Nanobodies, are small antigen-binding fragments (~15 kDa) that are derived from heavy chain only antibodies present in camelids (VHH, from camelids), and cartiaginous fishes (VNAR, from sharks).

Advantages of sdAbs

  • Small size, molecular weight of only ~15 KDa, than conventional antibody ~150 Kda
  • Enhanced tissue penetration, can cross the blood-brain barrier
  • Unique binding capacity to small cavities or clefts
  • High affinity and specificity
  • Highly stable under extreme temperature and pH
  • High solubility, great imaging agents due to rapid clearance in vivo
  • Can be readily selected and produced in bacterial and yeasts
  • Cost-effective, virtually unlimited supply at constant high quality without batch-to-tach variations.

Our Services

We carry out sdAbs development through both Immune and Naïve phage libraries.

  • Customized library construction services under M13 filamentous phage display system
  • A large number of animals available, established and optimized workflow for camel, alpaca and shark immunization
  • Professional animal handling and caring
  • Big capacity: capable of carrying out multiple projects at the same time
  • Flexible schedule: we can start the project once antigen is ready
  • Strong specificity: we are able to target proteins with 1-10 amino acids differences
  • Small and large scale expression of proteins in E.coli and Pichia Pastoris