RNA Oligo Synthesis

RNA oligos are short, single- or double-stranded synthetic RNA sequences that can be used in nearly any RNA-specific molecular biology application.

Echo Biosolution is committed to supplying high-quality RNA oligos for use in research, therapeutic, and diagnostic applications from milligram to multigram scales with competitive prices. We provide a variety of purification options to meet your downstream research requirement, including standard desalting, anion-exchange HPLC, ion-paired reversed phase HPLC, or PAGE purification.

We also specialize in highly modified oligos, including RNA oligonucleotides and derivatives such as 2′ fluoro, 2′ O-methyl RNA, Bridged Nucleic acids (BNA), and thioated nucleotides, as well as conjugation molecules such as cholesterol, PEGs, peptides, and antibody conjugates for targeted delivery.